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This piece is about water consumption. Water falling from above can be predictable especially when rain is about to fall, but when this moment catches one by surprise the feeling can be refreshing.  To help raise awareness on this issue I catch drips of water leaking from the ceiling of the gallery. By directly consuming I take aim and drink the stream of water droplets in the midst of making subtle movements.​

"Tipple", 2006

Performance. 2 hours.

In the performance "Kissing Wall" I applied lipstick each time before and after kissing the column and circled around it gradually. The wall eventually read " She kissed me so I kissed her back".

Performed at Exit Art as part of "Wild Girls" exhibition.

"Kissing Wall", 2006

Performance. 2 hours. 

"Parasite X" is a Mixed-media installation consisting of sculpture, video installation, and photography. 


In the installation of Parasite X, the garden hose—distributor of water, mediator of fantasy and reality—appears as    intestine-like tubing, enlarged at one end to accept a human body, thereby evoking the organ of fertility as well as of digestion.

For the performance the hose is stretched out from the inside of the gallery space to the outside garden and leads the viewer around the corner on a voyeuristic quest to see what awaits them.  At the very end of the hose the scale is drastically enlarged to fit a body inside of it.  It is here that the artist is entrapped and entangled with the rest of the hose and its immediate surroundings, emitting water and saliva in the garden and onto whoever dares to come close.

​'Parasite X',  2005

Mixed-media installation, performance. Dim. Variable.

Sculpture: 345 ft x 6in.

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