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I love performance art!

I find performance to be my most fluid art form.  Even though I was trained as a painter, I enjoy the process of creating performance art.  My methods have evolved with additional interest in dance, using and creating props, admiring theatrical sets, fashion modeling and looking at fashion editorials.  For me these modes of performing influenced my conceptual art practice. 

I've been experimenting with performance since I was a child playing in front of the mirror, taking dance classes, being on the high school color guard, and doing some fashion modeling in my teenage years. I even attended a Visual and performing arts school for the benefit of being around dancers, musicians and artists. There was a moment when I had to announce in my college orientation what discipline I was in. Even though I said Visual Arts I was fortunate to still practice dance as my college electives.

Then after my undergraduate study I got more serious about fusing the worlds of visual art and experimental performance, realizing that these did not have to be isolated disciplines and there was a name for this art form.

Here are performance, video and installation works created from 2005 onwards.  

Some pieces are more relational works where I invite viewers to participate in some way through the act of giving and receiving.  While some works are mainly installation or site-specific based they incorporate a performative element where the viewer is invited to activate the work.

You'll also find some collaborative works, where I am in the mix with other artists I enjoy working with.

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