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My process is research based. Then I draw.

Drawing allows me to further investigate, space, colors, textures and the overall concepts of the work.

I use watercolor pencils, gouache, prismacolor pencils, ink, and acrylic. 

My work is interdisciplinary in that I often explore performance art, sculpture, installation, video, drawing and painting.  Much of it is inspired by the nostalgia of my homeland Jamaica, Caribbean folklore, fantasy, feminism, globalism, spirituality, environmentalism, and migration. 

I often create art that critiques systems of greed and oppression. Some of these systems become the aftermath of globalization on the natural untouched landscapes that are both domestic and foreign. As the landscape doesn’t belong to just one place my goal is to create art that speaks universally about such oppression by our failed governments and institutions.  I set the stage by combining various media, wearable sculpture and readymade objects, to form hybridized utopian environments. My approach to making art is at first a research based process. I then try to see where such findings apply to my story, our narrative. I then consider the visual.  I ask what will it take to make this not only a strong visual work but how can this work empower and/or teach and yet hold the viewer’s attention to question.

 I reflect on forgotten traditions that take place in a variety of landscapes. I use these sites to construct scenarios where I create hybridized environments, sculptural installations and performances to address the effects of environmental degradation, gentrification,  and other metanarratives informed by our cultural habits and socio-economic lifestyles.
My intention is to reclaim the time and space to confront these issues.

Selected drawings are available for purchase on



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