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Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow

Born Manchester, Jamaica, W.I. 



Hunter College, New York, N.Y. (M.F.A. in Studio Art- Combined Media  2006)

University of Florida / New World School of the Arts, Miami,FL. (B.F.A. with honors in Painting 1996)




Triangle Arts, "The Estate Special", Governors Island, N.Y.

Five Myles, "JUNKANOOACOME", Brooklyn, N.Y.

Chinese Historical Society of America Museum, "Picnic Parade", San Francisco, C.A.


Putty's Coronation, "(IN)COMPLETE FORMATION", Brooklyn, N.Y.

Five Myles, "Daughters of Lam", Rachelle Dang & Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow, Brooklyn, N.Y.


Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning, First Fridays, ‘’Picnic Parade’’, Queens, N.Y.


Boston Children's Museum, "Knot's Landing", Boston, M.A.


Mirror Gallery, "The Presence of Our Absence", Songzhuang County, Tongzhou District, Beijing, CHINA


Rush Arts Gallery,  ‘’Mildendranthema Grandeflorum’’, New York, N.Y.



Apex Art, "My Pen Won't Break, But Borders Will", (NYC Open Call Winner), Apex Art, New York, N.Y. 


White Box, "OFF THE CLOTH", New York, N.Y.


Wheaton College, Beard & Weil Galleries, "To Scatter or Sow", Norton, M.A.

Spring Break Art Fair, "Hearsay: Heresy" presents "The Closet: America's Dressing Room",  New York, N.Y.

Live Action 16 (online),

Smack Mellon, "Land Akin" presents "JunkanooHakkaMama", Brooklyn, N.Y. 


The Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific Experience, “Guilty Party”, Seattle, W.A. 

Tiger Strikes Asteroid, “Catenations”, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

601 Artspace, “Jammed Into a Paradox: Part Three”, New York, N.Y. (online exhibition)


Queens Museum, “Who Takes Care of New York?”, Queens, N.Y. 

The UnSpace "UNTEACHING", Brooklyn, N.Y.


Tiger Strikes Asteroid, "Ground Work", Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Westbeth Gallery, "Art in Odd Places Festival: BODY", New York, N.Y. 

Mana Contemporary, "Through Her Eye", Chicago, I.L. 

Elizabeth Foundation of the Arts, Project Space, " As Far as the Heart Can See", New York, N.Y. 

President’s Gallery, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, "Internalized Borders", New York, N.Y.


Underdonk,  “Joy Decision”,  Brooklyn, N.Y.

Kunstraum LLC, “SHE IS A MANIAC”, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Spring Break Art Fair: Black Mirror, Milk & Night Curatorial, “13 Artists”, New York, N.Y.

The National Gallery of Jamaica, Jamaica Biennial (Special Project), JAMAICA  (catalog)


Jersey City Art Studio Tour, "The Verve of the Earthless", Jersey City, N.J.

Royal West of England Academy, ‘’Jamaican Pulse: Art and Politics from Jamaica and the Diaspora”, Bristol, ENGLAND (catalog)

The National Gallery of Jamaica, ‘’digital’, Kingston, JAMAICA (catalog)

Index Art Center, "GOOD FOOD", Newark, N.J. 

Spring Break Art Fair, ‘’Portable Mind’’, New York, N.Y.


Zhongshan Expo Center, The 2nd Zhongshan International Art Expo, "TEMPERATURE", Guangdong, CHINA (catalog)

Stephen Romano Gallery, “Hieroglyphica”, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Repair the World, ‘’Heather Hart’s: Barter Town", Brooklyn, N.Y.

Amelie A. Wallace Gallery,  SUNY College at Old Westbury, ARS CONTINUUM:Amelie A. Wallace Gallery 1978 to the Present, Old Westbury, N.Y. 

"Portable Mind" an online exhibition

Ningbo Culture Center, "Red & Green: International Female Art Exhibition"  Ningbo, CHINA 


Spread Art, ''Water'', Detroit, M.I.

The Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance, ''Borderless Carribean: Unmapped Trajectories-Annotating Art Histories'', Miami, F.L.

Brooklyn Museum, “Crossing Brooklyn”, “Heather Hart’s: Barter Town”, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Dumbo Art Festival, "Barter Town", Brooklyn, N.Y.

Dumbo Art Festival, "Concrete Muse", Brooklyn, N.Y.

BronxArtSpace, "Synthetic Zero", Bronx, N.Y.


Westbeth Gallery, "Re-Formed", New York, N.Y.

DUMBO Galleries, "Group Therapy: Aesthetics and Politics" Curated by Nina Felshin for the tART Collective, Brooklyn, N.Y.

The IMC Lab + Gallery, Masqueraders Are the Ancestors of Protestors: A Celebration of the Mask As a Tool of Social Change, New York, N.Y.

Bat Haus at  BOS (Bushwick Open Studios) by Working Artist Consortium, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Arts at Renaissance, tART: “Collectively Assembled: 28 Visits, One show ’’, Brooklyn, N.Y.


MoCADA (Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Art) ‘’loop’’, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Art Museum of the Americas, "Outward Reach: 9 Jamaican Photography & New Media Artists" Washington, D.C.

Crest Hardware, ‘’Crest Hardware Art Show’’, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Aljira Museum, ‘’Aljira Emerge Art Auction’’, Newark, N.J.

Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning, ‘’Collectivity: Art-making in a Collective (feat. tART Collective)’’ Queens, N.Y.

Arts at Renaissance, ‘’tART 8: A Self-Curated Show’’, Brooklyn, N.Y.


The Bespoke Curator curated by Krista Saunders

tina b. : The Prague Contemporary Art Festival, ECO BIO, (tART), Prague, Czech Republic (catalog)

tART8 : A Self-Curated Show. Arts@Renaisance, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Hodgson Memorial Drive, Savannah, G.A. ‘’The Billboard Art Project’’, Savannah, G.A.


Space Bandee,’’ Busan International Video Festival’’, Busan, Korea

MEME Gallery, ‘’5 Objects’’, Cambridge, M.A.

Highway 195 Richmond, V.A. Billboard Project : ‘’Yet another Roadside Attraction’’, Richmond, V.A.

The Roger Smith Hotel Gallery, ‘’Model Home’’, New York, N.Y.

Governors Island, Noland Galleries, FIGMENT, ‘’Women on the Island’’ by tART, New York, N.Y.


Fountain Art Fair, Grace Exhibition Space (Brooklyn) , Miami, FL.

A.I.R Gallery, ‘’tART@ A.I.R Summer Salon’’ , Brooklyn, N.Y.

125 Skillman Ave. ‘’SQUAT’’, Brooklyn, N.Y.

The Queens Museum of Art, ‘’Queens International 4’’, Queens, N.Y. (catalog)


Scope Fair, ‘’Satellite’’, presented by Rush Arts Gallery , Miami, F.L. 

The Moore Space, ‘’Freeze Frame’’,  presented by Rush Arts Gallery for Miami Art Basel, Miami, F.L..

White Columns, ‘’Momenta Art Benefit ‘’ presented by Momenta Art, Brooklyn, N.Y.


The Buena Vista Building, "Video Show" presented by Rush Arts Gallery for Miami Art Basel, Miami, F.L.

Bronx River Arts Center, ‘’Freaks of  Nature’’, Bronx, N.Y.

Exit Art, ‘’Renegades’’, New York, N.Y.


Soul Gallery, ’’Beautyshop’’ presented by Rush Arts Gallery for Miami Art Basel, Miami, F.L..

Photo Miami Art Fair, Curated Projects : ‘’stillmovingmiami’’ by Nina Arias for Miami Art Basel, Miami, F.L.

SUNY College at Old Westbury, ‘’ Entrapment ‘’, Old Westbury, N.Y.


Hunter College  Times  Square Gallery.  Hunter MFA Thesis Show (Dec.14,2005-Jan.14, 2006), New York, N.Y. (catalog)

The Yard@CasaLin,  ‘’The Yard @CasaLin 2005’’-Miami Art Basel, Winwood Galleries, Miami, F.L.

Rush Arts Gallery,’’ Utopian Conquest: Ideal Domination’’, New York, NY.


Rectangle Art Space,’’ Rectangle One’’,Miami Art Basel, Winwood Galleries, Miami, FL.

Galerie Lelong, ‘’ Postcards from the Edge Benefit/Visual Aids’’,  New York, NY.

The World Arts Building, Group Show,  Miami, FL.


Art Center South Florida :’’ Director’s Cut’’, Miami Beach, FL.


Art 1035 Gallery :’’ Here & Now’’, Miami Beach, FL.

Bakehouse Art Complex :’’ E.C.A..0397’’, Miami, FL.

Museum of Art :’’ Chairitability’’, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Art 1035 Gallery : ‘’ Fresh Blood ‘’, Miami Beach, FL.


Art 1035 Gallery : ‘’ Here & Now’’, Miami Beach, FL.


New World School of the Arts Gallery : ‘’ B.F.A. Show ‘’, Miami, FL.

New World School of the Arts Gallery : ‘’ Annual Student Show ‘’, Miami, FL.

Gallery North ; ‘’ League for Innovation ‘’, Miami, FL.

Art Collectors Gallery : Group Show , Miami,FL.

New World School of the Arts Gallery : ‘’ Influences of  Vermont’’, Miami ,FL.


Vermont Studio Center : (July) Studio Exhibit, Johnson, VT.

Wolfson Gallery : Student Show, Miami, FL.

Clayspace : ‘’ New  South Florida Clay ‘’, Miami Beach, FL.

City Bank Bayfront : (Two person exhibit), Miami, FL.




The University of Edinburgh, “The Living Histories of Sugar in the West Indies and Scotland”, Scotland, UK., Jamaica, W.I.


Governors Island, "Junkanooacome to Governors Island to Crown the Governed", New York, N.Y.

Smack Mellon, "JunkanooHakkaMama" in “Land Akin”, Brooklyn, N.Y.


Monument Lab “Town Hall: Shaping the Past” (online feature), Philadelphia, P.A.

Works on Water Triennial, (online), New York, NY.

Lorimoto Gallery, “Junkanooacome”, Ridgewood, Queens, N.Y.


Siren Arts AP, “Into the Mystic”, Asbury Park, Asbury Park, N.J. 

Culture Push’s 10th Anniversary, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Plaxall Gallery, Van Alen Institute presents “MADE IN QUEENS”, Long Island City, N.Y. 

Parallel Performance Space, “Chain Curation”, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Dedalus Foundation, "Celebrate Lunar New Year", Brooklyn, N.Y.


Panoply Performance Laboratory, "METAMORPHOSIS", BROOKLYN, N.Y.

Art in Odd Places Festival, "BODY", New York, N.Y. 

Sandrell Rivers Theater, ''Art of Black Miami: Diaspora Art in the Creole City'', Miami, F.L.

Ars Nova, "Sitchassdown Focus Group Tour",  New York, N.Y.

Wild Embeddings, "PsychoTropic", Brooklyn, N.Y.


Catinca Tabacaru Gallery, “Trans-ville”, New York, N.Y.  

Iron Hall, “Live Action 12”, Gothenburg, SWEDEN 

Panoply Lab, "Crop Killa", Brooklyn, NY 

Park Church Co-op, “Sanctuary “ , Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Siren Arts AP presented by Transformer Arts Summer Residency, "We Will Replace You: A Radical Performance Art Event in Response to Charlottesville", Asbury Park, N.J.

Fort Tilden Beach, Studio 7 presents "Secret Garden Art Festival", Queens, N.Y.

Museum of the Moving Image, "Cultural Pride", Backlot Art Festival, Queens, N.Y.

Grace Exhibition Space, “Nobody Builds Walls Better Than Me”, Brooklyn, N.Y.


Glasshouse. ART.Life.LAB, " EDIBLE BODIES", Brooklyn, N.Y.  

Panoply Performance Laboratory, "Cleansing/Claiming/Calling/Falling", Brooklyn, N.Y.

JACK, "CENTIPEDE:Performance and Revolution", Brooklyn, N.Y.

El Museo del Barrio, Ayana Evans' "Back in Five Minutes", New York, N.Y. 

New Orleans Parks, School of Visual Arts, MFA presents Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow’s ‘’Gypsies’ Picnic’’, New Orleans, L.A.

Grace Exhibition Space, ‘’21st Sufferagettes’’, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Spring Break Art Fair, “Portable Mind: Mind over Matter”, New York, N.Y.


Lehmann Maupin, Nari Ward's "Ground: (In Progress)", New York, N.Y. 

"TBS04: Time Body Space Objects 4" , Spectacle Island, Boston, M.A.  

ABC No Rio, "Affect Surgery", New York, N.Y.

Gallery Sensei, "Performance Anxiety", New York, N.Y.

SELECT Art-fair presented by Tiger Strikes Asteroid Gallery, "Color Chameleon", Brooklyn, N.Y.

The Roger Smith Hotel, "Mega Spring Opening", Brooklyn, N.Y.

Grace Exhibition Space, "The Great American Performance Art Festival", Brooklyn, N.Y.


You You Contemporary Art Center, “Guangzhou Live 5’’, Guangzhou, CHINA

Tiger Strikes Asteroid Gallery, invitational performance for "Making Strange" by Rachael Gorchov, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Atlantic Salt, "LUMEN video & performance art festival" , Staten Island, N.Y. 

Spread Art, Bushwick Open Studios, "Transient ID", Brooklyn, N.Y.

Panoply Performance Laboratory, Giro'n Center for Arts & Tactics, "INCEN DIARO", Brooklyn, N.Y.

Grace Exhibition Space, ARC Magazine and VOLTA Art Fair, "Metanoia: Practices of Exhaustion", Brooklyn, N.Y.

Bizarre, "Matthew Silver's Circus of Dreams", Brooklyn, N.Y.


Zones Art Fair Miami (7th Edition),PERFORMIA 1, ''NON GRATA'', Miami, F.L.

Grace Exhibition Space, ''NON GRATA'', Brooklyn, N.Y.

Villa Victoria Center for the Arts, ''TODO BAJO CONTROL'', Boston, M.A.

Panoply Performance Laboratory, (BIPAF) Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival, "No Wave Performance Task Force: We Are Scores" , Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Spread Art (Detroit/NY), B.O.S. 2013,"Don't Box Me In", Brooklyn, N.Y. 

at Renaissance, AUNTS: ''Chain Curation 2'', Brooklyn, N.Y.Arts 

Grace Exhibition Space, ''Performance Heart'', Brooklyn, N.Y.

SOHO20 Chelsea, “Place and Performance Art: Women Relocating the World”, New York, N.Y.


You You Contemporary Art Center, Guangzhou Live 3:  International Performance Art Festival (Open Situation), Guangzhou, CHINA

Art Fehur: ‘’RUIN’’ presented by UNESCO A.poRT, Incheon, SOUTH KOREA

Lotte Gallery, ‘’Gwangju International Media & Performance Art Festival’’, Gwangju, SOUTH KOREA

Exit Art, featuring Grace Exhibition Space. ‘’Collective / Performative’’ New York, N.Y.


The Edna Manley College of the Visual  & Performing Arts in collaboration with The National Gallery of Jamaica. Inaugural Arts Conference .“The Arts: Catalyst for Caribbean Development”, Kingston , JAMAICA

Living Walls: A Citywide Art & Urban Education Conference. Albany, NY.

LUMEN Festival on Staten Island, Staten Island, N.Y.

A.I.R. Gallery,  ‘’We Love Japan and Japan Loves US‘’ Brooklyn, N.Y.


Third Streaming, LLC, ‘’ Bite: Street-inspired Art & Fashion’’, New York, N.Y.


English Kills Gallery, ‘’ Maximum Perception Performance Festival’’, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Fountain Art Fair, Grace Exhibition Space (Brooklyn) , Miami, FL.

Exit Art, ‘’Performance in Crisis’’, New York, NY.

798 Zone, Open Contemporary Art Center, ‘’10th Open Performance Art Festival’’, Beijing, China


‘’Madre Silva: Three Portraits’’, New Media Projections by Juan Sanchez, Lehigh University Art Galleries, Bethlehem, P.A.


Exit Art, ‘’Renegades : Serious Games’’, New York, N.Y.


Ingalls & Associates presented by Rush Arts Gallery,’’Kick it One Time’’, Miami, F.L.

Exit Art, ‘’Wild Girls: Wild Nights’’, New York,N.Y. 

Exit Art, ‘’The Drop: Water Project’’, New York, N.Y.


D.U.M.B.O. Arts Center, ‘’The Ninth Annual Dumbo Art Under the Bridge Festival; Live Art ‘’, Brooklyn, N.Y.


Hunter College Times Square, ‘’ Yolk of the Hoke’’, Performance & Video Art, New York, N.Y.




Wave Hill Winter Workspace, Artist in Residence, Bronx, N.Y. 


Triangle Arts Alumni, Artist in Residence, Governors Island, N.Y.


Triangle Arts Association, Artist in Residence, Brooklyn, N.Y.

NADA / EFA Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop, Artist in Residence, Governors Island, N.Y.  


Black Spatial Relics, Honorable Mention, P.A.

Transformer / Siren Arts AP, “Into the Mystic”,  Asbury Park, N.J. 

Queens Art Fund, New Works Grant, Queens, N.Y. 


Culture Push Fellowship in Utopian Practice


Franklin Furnace Fund Recipient

Rema Hort Mann Artist in Community Engagement (ACE) Award Grantee

Artist-in-Residence, Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, Queens, N.Y.


"Re-Adjust Your Armour and Repeat", Rosekill Farm, Rosendale, N.Y. (residency)


"ESSENTIAL DEPARTURES", Rosekill Farm, Rosendale, N.Y. (residency)


(Travel Award) The Consulate General of the United States in Guangzhou, Guangzhou, CHINA


Dong Dong & LuLu Residency, Beijing, CHINA

Art Space, UNESCO A.port (mini-residency for site-specific work), Incheon, SOUTH KOREA (catalog)

NYFA  Fellowship  (Interdisciplinary Art), New York, N.Y.

2009, 2010, 2016

The Rema Hort Mann Foundation, Award Nominee, New York, NY.


Hunter College Scholarship Award,New York, NY.


NWSA Scholarship Award, Miami,FL.

Vermont Studio Center Scholarship Award, multi-media artist residency, Johnson, VT.

League for Innovation Competition (National Competition-Finalist)


Francis Wolfson Scholarship Award, Miami, FL.



2022, Digital Junkanoo: Profiles, By Tayana Tandanpolie, November 2022, Off the Cloth at WhiteBox, by Anthony Haden-Guest, April 2022

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05/25/2017 03:33 pm ET | Updated Jun 26, 2017


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2010  MEME Gallery, Cambridge, MA ‘’Royalty, Servants, and Discourse at MEME Gallery’’ by John Pyper on October 16, 2010


2009  English Kills Gallery, Brooklyn, NY  Reflecting on “Maximum Perception” &  Tons of Photos by Hrag Vartanian on December 13, 2009


Queens International 4-Jan 24-Apr 26,2009  (Catalog)



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Exit Art  and Trickster Theater , ‘’Serious Games’’, DVD (a part of Exit Art archives and publication)

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Exit Art  and Trickster Theater, ‘’Water Project’’, DVD (a part of Exit Art archives and publication)

Exit Art  and Trickster Theater, ‘’Wild Nights’’, DVD (a part of Exit Arts archives and publication)

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League for Innovation Award of Merit Catalog




“Show Me a Mountain: Jamaican Writers and Visual Artists of Chinese Descent”, Artist talks presented by NYU Shanghai, Jaqueline Bishop, April 22, 2021 

2020,, “Artist Talk in Conversation with Charmaine Warren”(online), August 5, 2020



Workshop and Panel discussion, "Show Don't Tell" (A Culture Push Symposium), The 8th Floor, New York, N.Y. 

Workshop, The UnSpace, "UNTEACHING", Brooklyn, N.Y.

Panel discussion, College Art Association (CAA), "Supporting Immigrant Artists and Communities: Current in Motion" New York, N.Y.  


2018, 2019 

NYFA Immigrant Artists Program (Mentorship) , New York, N.Y.  



University of Massachusetts Amherst Art Department, (Feild Trip to AIOP) New York, N.Y. 



Guest Lecturer, "Art. Letter Home",  China Academy of Art, Hongzhou, China

Panel discussion, “We Are All Migrants”, presented by Montclair State University, Art Department, Montclair, N.J.    



Panel discussion, Hetrick-Martin Institute, New York, N.Y.

Artist Talk, School of Visual Arts (MFA), New York, N.Y.                                                                                                       

Artist talk, Riverdale Country School, Bronx, N.Y.    



Panel discussion, 3rd Ward, Introduction to the New York Art World by Krista Saunders, Brooklyn, N.Y. 



Artist talk, MoCADA (Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Art) ‘’loop’’, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Artist talk, Art Space UNESCO A.port, Art Fehur: ‘’RUIN’’, Incheon, SOUTH KOREA

Guest Lecturer and workshop, Exit Art, ‘’Collective / Performative’’ New York, N.Y.


Guest Lecturer, Parsons School of Design, Professor Alexios Moore, New York, N.Y.



Group lead artist talks, The Queens Museum of Art, ‘’Queens International 4’’, Queens, N.Y.



Panel discussion, Rush Arts Gallery,’’ Utopian Conquest: Ideal Domination’’, New York, NY.



2017- present   School of Visual Arts M.F.A., New York, N.Y., Faculty/ Professor of Art

2016-17  MAPP International Productions, New York, N.Y., Artist Management /Admin. Manager



2021 Spring Break Art Fair, "The Closet: America’s Dressing Room", New York, N.Y.                                                                                             2019 Backlot Festival, “TABLEAUX VIVANTS” Kaufmann Art District, Museum of the Moving Image, Astoria, N.Y.                                              2018, 2019  Grace Exhibition Space, New York, N.Y., Performance Curator

2016  Spring Break Art Fair, ‘’Portable Mind: Mind over Matter’’, New York, N.Y., Performance Curator                                                    

2015  ‘’The Great American Performance Festival’’, Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, N.Y. Assistant to Curator, Jill McDermid                         

2013  "Group Therapy: Aesthetics and Politics"  tART Collective, DUMBO Galleries, Brooklyn, N.Y. Assistant to Curator, Nina Felshin



2017-present  Grace Exhibition Space, New York, N.Y., Advisory Board Member

2022-present NOospehere Arts, Brooklyn, N.Y., Advisory Board Member 

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